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William’s complete discography followed by reviews.


Piano Sketches
Piano Sketches CD
Contemplative Solo Piano
Wayfarer CD
Fantasy Electronic Music
Traveler's Tales
Traveler's Tales CD
A Space Music Classic
Cosmic Flight
Cosmic Flight CD
Unique Improvisation
Space Radio 2000
SMF Records Compilation
Basic Space
SMF Records Compilation

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Piano Sketches

"All of the songs are beautiful and evocative... This is truly an outstanding solo piano collection, and I very strongly recommend it. ...one of the most peaceful and restful piano albums I’ve heard in awhile. ...Often, “peaceful” implies simplicity... but that is certainly not the case here... the complexity lies within the free-form style and powerful emotional content."
Kathy Parsons - Solo Piano Publications

"Call him the cerebral maestro... He grants us a revealing glimpse into his mind as he graces us with a full hour of blissfully beautiful piano compositions that will make your heart bleed and then make your heart sing, all within the same breath. Beautifully structured and expertly arranged, this emotionally explicit album is undeniable proof that William Linton deserves to share the same piano bench with the best of ‘em. "
Wasim Muklashy - L.A. Splash Magazine

"Linton displays a masterful command of nuance as he gently plays in an impressionistic manner... For my money, it's one of my favorite solo piano releases of the last year or two. This CD serves as a perfect soundtrack for remembrance. Solidly recommended, even to those who normally shy away from piano music."
Bill Binkelman - WIND and WIRE

"Over the course of Piano Sketches’ nine tracks, Linton's remarkable sense of lyricism and melody shines brightly."
Gail Worley - The Worley Gig

"hauntingly beautiful"
Concert pianist, Kevin Asbjörnson

Wayfarer - Recently re-released on Space for Music Records, it continues in the tradition of imaginative journeys through electronic musical landscapes. This is fantasy music!

"I can¹t rave enough about Wayfarer and William Linton¹s considerable talents as composer and performer...The recording is near faultless from the standpoint of engineering and production."
Bill Binkelman - WIND and WIRE

"Every piece on this album is excellent, and each tells its own story. As a whole, the experience is of a journey to a different world."
Kathy Parsons - Solo Piano Publications

"...it is unaggressive, meant to soothe rather than excite... a “traditional” electronic ambient album which gives the listener a kind hour of sonic ease and comfort."
Hannah M.G. Shapero - Electronic Earwig Reviews

Traveler's Tales - First released in 1986, it is now available on CD.

"It's one of the most beautifully peaceful albums we've heard in some time...This is quintessential space music. It finds a merging point between outerspace and innerspace imagery, traveling in both at once"
National Public Radio's Music From the Hearts of Space

"Linton spins sounds that are pure delicacy, with softly swelling chords, bell like tones, whispers of stellar wind, and distance voices."
Earth Star * Magazine

"William Linton has combined the best aspects of the meditative sound with the spacey electronic effects that capture the listener's conscious and subconscious mind."
Synthetic Pleasure

Cosmic Flight - Recorded in 1986, this album was the result of several live, improvisational sessions with Mason Stevens and Tony Gerber. It was featured on a special Hearts of Space dedicated to human exploration.

"Linton taps into the darker realms of the psyche in ways sometimes similar to Klas Schulze or Brian Eno, then floats to the other end of the spectrum with a kind of radiant loveliness we might expect from Iasos or Constance Demby."
New Frontier Magazine

"this music soars to convey the listener to interstellar vistas... the structure rises to float overhead like a pulsing cloud of patience... This music maintains a languid quality, drenching the listener with oracular shadows of sound."
Matt Howarth - Sonic Curiosity



Piano Sketches
Contemplative Solo Piano


Piano Sketches CD

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